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Services & Specials

All treatments are custom tailored using multiple massage techniques and styles, along with therapeutic grade wild crafted essential oils, cupping, and kinesiology tape chosen to address your specific issues and concerns.


Besides massage, Jackie also offers Classic Raindrop Technique, a session that applies nine essential oils with reflexology to the feet and massage techniques to the back. Jackie also offers another type of Raindrop Technique, called Vibrational Raindrop Technique which utilizes Planetary Tuning Forks from Acutonics to further enhance and deepen the experience.


Major Credit Cards, Local Checks, and Cash Accepted!


30 minute massage session:          $40


60 minute massage session:          $70


90 minute massage session:          $95


120 minute massage session:        $120


Classic Raindrop Technique (90 minutes):     $125


Vibrational Raindrop Technique (90 minutes):     $135


Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation:     $60 (initial 60 min consult)  

                                                                     $45 (followup consult)


Kinesiology Taping (15 minutes):      $20 ($15 if added on to another treatment)


Chakra Balancing & Aura Clearing with Essential Oils (15 minutes):      $25 ($15 if added on to another treatment)


Organic Foot Scrub and Masque (30 minutes):      $45 ($35 if added on to another treatment)


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Two 60 min massages for $110

Two 90 min massages for $160

No quantity limits - only until September 15th! Buy online here or contact Highland Bodyworks here to purchase.